Tanuki are considered to bring good luck! The Tanuki Hasso in Shigaraki-yaki refers to sculptures of tanuki, a type of Japanese pottery, depicting eight different poses or expressions symbolizing fortune and prosperous business.



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“Tanuki” refers to the “Japanese raccoon dog” in English.

Tanuki is a beloved creature in Japan, appearing in various folktales, legends, and even anime, making it a widely recognized and endearing symbol in Japanese culture.
Tanuki’s auspicious nature is attributed to its charming appearance, with its plump figure and lush fur symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Additionally, the phrase “tanuki” phonetically resembles “tanuki nuki,” meaning “leaving others behind” in Japanese, symbolizing success and victory. In Shigaraki-yaki pottery, a traditional Japanese pottery style, tanuki sculptures known as “Tanuki Hasso” depict eight different poses or expressions, each carrying symbolic meanings associated with good fortune and business prosperity. Shigaraki-yaki, originating from Shigaraki Town in Shiga Prefecture, is renowned for its distinctive glazes, rustic aesthetics, and motifs inspired by nature and animals. Tanuki sculptures are particularly famous within Shigaraki-yaki, representing traditional Japanese culture and folklore. The price of Shigaraki-yaki tanuki sculptures varies depending on size and design, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yen, with some high-end pieces fetching even higher prices.


信楽焼 9号福狸 しがらきハンカチパッケージ 信楽焼き 陶器 しがらきやき たぬき タヌキ 置物 置き物 おきもの 縁起物 進物 ギフト ta-0214

The “Tanuki Hasso” in Shigaraki-yaki refers to the eight characteristics or poses depicted in tanuki sculptures, each carrying symbolic meanings: “Kasa” (hat) symbolizes protection, “Me” (eyes) symbolizes insight, “Kao” (face) symbolizes charm, “Tokkuri” (sake flask) symbolizes virtue, “Tucho” (bank book) symbolizes business prosperity, “Hara” (belly) symbolizes courage, “Kinbukuro” (money bag) symbolizes wealth, and “Shippo” (tail) symbolizes perseverance. These symbols embody various aspects of fortune and prosperity, making tanuki sculptures not only decorative items but also powerful symbols of hope and aspiration in Japanese culture.

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信楽たぬきマグ(小)[7.2×7.5cm・200cc] | 食洗器・電子レンジ対応 マグカップ たぬき カフェ 飲食店 業務用