Frogs as Symbols of Good Luck Around the World


RemeeHi カエルお地蔵さんセット癒し可愛い小型置物祈りお地蔵様おじぞうさま守り神みかげ石 幸せ願い縁の良いおきもお かわいい御影石 神仏像


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Are frogs considered lucky? Are they symbols of good fortune worldwide? Is spotting a frog considered lucky?

Frogs are known as auspicious animals in Japan, Europe, and across the globe. In Australia, for instance, finding a frog on a rainy day is seen as a symbol of good luck!

Various Symbols of Good Fortune Associated with Frogs:
Frogs are believed to represent:
– Wealth
– Safe travel
– Career success
– Fertility
– Abundance

They are also considered symbols of purification, which is why frog motifs are found on cleaning products, and frog figurines are regarded as lucky charms. Additionally, there is even a concept known as the “Eight Auspicious Aspects of Frogs” in palmistry.

In summary, frogs are widely seen as symbols of good fortune and prosperity in many cultures around the world.

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In Japan, known for its unique “kotodama” (spirit of words), the frog is associated with positive wordplay and good luck. Let’s take a closer look at the auspicious meanings behind frogs!

Auspicious Meanings of Frogs
In Japanese, “kaeru” (frog) sounds like “kaeru” (to return or to change). This wordplay imbues the frog with several positive connotations, such as:

– Good fortune returns (福がカエル)
– Money returns (お金がカエル)
– Luck returns (幸運がカエル)
– Misfortune turns into fortune (災いをカエル)
– Bad luck changes (厄をカエル)
– Returning safely (無事にカエル)
– Rejuvenation (若ガエル)
– Lost items return (無くしものがカエル)

Frogs symbolize transformation and change, much like butterflies. The metamorphosis from tadpole to frog is remarkable and thus, frogs are seen as symbols of change.

Frogs and Financial Luck
The traditional “gamaguchi” (coin purse) resembles a frog’s mouth, which might not only be due to its appearance but also the belief that it brings money back to its owner. In Chinese culture, frogs are also considered to bring financial luck and are often used as ornaments for this purpose.

Thus, frogs hold a significant place as symbols of returning fortune and positive transformation in both Japan and China.

カエル ガマ口 ナルト 財布 小銭入れ コインケース かえる がまぐち

 Frog Statues at the Entrance: A Sign of Good Fortune?

Placing a frog statue at the entrance of a home is considered very auspicious in Japan, thanks to the wordplay “buji kaeru” (return safely). This practice symbolizes the wish for safety and the safe return of loved ones.

Meaning and Benefits
The phrase “buji kaeru” highlights the desire for loved ones to return home safely, a universal wish shared by people worldwide. Placing a frog statue at the entrance is believed to bring this good fortune and safety.

Significance in Shrines
In some shrines, frog statues are erected with the same intent: to ensure safe travels and returns, reflecting the protective benefits for travelers.

The practice of using frogs as symbols of safe return may stem from the uncertain nature of journeys, with the frog’s wordplay providing a comforting assurance.

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 Frogs and Career Luck

Frogs only jump forward, symbolizing progress and forward momentum. This characteristic makes them a symbol of:
– Career advancement
– Work success


Frogs and Fertility

Frogs are also seen as symbols of fertility and prosperity. They lay numerous eggs at once, representing abundance and fertility. This association extends to the idea of immense luck and prosperity.


Symbol of Abundance

In ancient Egypt, frogs were symbols of luck and fertility. They were associated with the Nile’s annual flooding, which brought water and fertile soil, revitalizing the land. Thus, frogs were seen as harbingers of abundance.

Frogs as Symbols of Purification
Frogs live in water, which is associated with purification. Therefore, frogs also symbolize cleansing and renewal.

Lucky Colors of Frogs
Any frog is considered a good omen, but white frogs are especially auspicious. White is a sacred color symbolizing purity and cleansing. Rarely colored frogs are also seen as divine messengers, further enhancing their lucky status.

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Symbolism in Different Parts of a Frog’s Body

Frogs are considered auspicious not only for their overall symbolism but also for specific parts of their bodies:

Front Legs: Represent courtesy and respect, as their shape suggests.
Hind Legs:Symbolize strength, given their role in powerful jumps.
Mouth:Associated with fire prevention, as it is believed to “swallow” fire hazards.
Belly:Linked to lightning prevention, since frogs don’t have belly buttons, which supposedly keeps lightning away.
Diet: Frogs eat harmful insects, symbolizing the eradication of pests and good health.
Tadpoles: Represent obedience, as young frogs often ride on their parents’ backs.
Hibernation: Represents physical and mental nourishment, highlighting the importance of sleep for health.

Frogs in Dreams
Seeing a frog in a dream is considered a good omen, signifying:
– Growth
– Change
– Feminine power
– Death and rebirth
– New beginnings and awakenings

Frogs carry a surprising number of positive symbols, making them powerful omens in various contexts.

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Frog figurines are considered lucky too! Not just maneki-neko, but maneki-neko frogs? What do they symbolize?

Frog figurines are said to be symbols of good fortune, similar to maneki-neko. They are especially popular as symbols of business prosperity. Let’s take a look at the placement and characteristics of frog figurines.

Coin in the mouth:
A key point is to place a coin in the frog’s mouth. Similar to Olympic gold medalists who sometimes bite their medals, it might symbolize the act of obtaining wealth.

Jade Frogs:
Jade is believed to be a power stone that continuously increases in value when worn.

Three-legged frogs:
The three legs are said to provide stability with the back leg while the front legs are suited for gathering wealth. In Feng Shui, the number 3 is associated with creating new things.

Frog figurines should be placed at the entrance of a home or shop, where good energy (旺気) enters. The figurine should face inside to bring wealth into the house. Facing it outward is believed to expel wealth. If there is no space at the entrance, placing it in the living room is also acceptable.

Places to avoid:
Avoid placing the frog figurine in the bathroom or toilet. In Feng Shui, these are places where water flows, symbolizing the flow of energy and fortune out of the house. While frogs live in water, Feng Shui interprets this differently.

By following these guidelines, you can harness the luck and prosperity that frog figurines are believed to bring!

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Frogs have a surprising number of symbolic meanings:


– Transformation: The word “change” can be associated with “frog” in Japanese (カエル).
– Financial luck: “Money returns” (お金がカエル) symbolizes good fortune.
– Safe travels: “Returning safely” (無事カエル) represents traffic safety.
– Career advancement: Frogs only look forward, symbolizing focus on progress.
– Fertility: Frogs lay many eggs, symbolizing abundance in children.
– Prosperity: Frogs also symbolize bountiful harvests.
– Purification: Frogs are seen as symbols of cleansing.
– Totem poles: Frogs are often depicted on them.
– Popular German detergent: Features a frog as its motif.
– Frog-related good luck charms: There are various auspicious representations of frogs.
– Dreams: Frogs in dreams are considered good omens.
– Figurines: Frog figurines are thought to bring good fortune.

It’s fascinating how many symbols can be derived from frogs! Whether it’s “return” (帰る), “repay” (返る), or “change” (変える), frogs can represent many positive concepts. Though it may seem straightforward, if we had to distill it, frogs symbolize transformation and safe returns.

Considering this, it might be interesting to explore gifts or motifs related to frogs, particularly in hopes of change, safe travels, or new beginnings.

We hope you find this helpful and inspiring for your next project or as a thoughtful gift idea!